The importance of emailing

Do you know…?

86% of professionals say that email is their favourite way to communicate

★ Writing skills ensure effective business communication.

★ Writing skills make the difference between “good” and “bad” employees.

★ Good writing promotes your career.

★ People check their email about 15 times a day.

★ The most popular mobile device for email opens is the iPhone.

Percentage of Americans that check their email:

  • while driving: 18%
  • in bed: 50%
  • in the bathroom: 40%
  • on vacation: 79%

*Survey done by technology market research firm Radicati Group

Writing tips for effective emailing

Subject/headings – explain the subject

A. From:
B. To:
C. CC:
D. Subject: Business collaboration in China

  1. Really important to catch the person’s attention .
  2. Make the subject short and sweet.
  3. If you know the person well-write your name at the end of the subject.
  4. Be careful who you CC- avoid politics

Greetings/ Salutations

From Formal to Informal

A. Dear Sir/ Madam
B. Dear Mrs/ Ms Slava Ivanova
C. Dear Mr Schiedig
D. Dear Frank/ Dear All
E. Hi Frank,
F. Νο greetings

  1. Know who you are writing to.
  2. If you start your greeting formally, stay formal throughout the email.
  3. In Business emailing, try not to get ‘too’ informal.

Explain why you are writing

A. I am writing to discuss your business idea…
B. I am following up as promised , regarding …
C. I am emailing you regarding the…
D. Just a quick note to let you know that..

  1. Use linkers such as, in addition to, moreover, firstly, secondly, thirdly, lastly to extend the reasons of the email.
  2. Try not to write a letter but rather a short summary of the situation.


A. Thanks for your cooperation/understanding.
B. Please feel free to contact us.
C. Please don’t hesitate to
D. I am looking forward to seeing/hearing from
E. I look forward to seeing/hearing from you.

From Informal to Formal

  1. Kisses /Hugs
  2. Goodbye.
  3. Affectionately yours
  4. Best regards/ Warm wishes
  5. Name / Title underneath
  6. Sincerely yours

Writing tips using the RAPTs method

R = repetition of similar words- avoid this mistake using synonyms and phrasal verbs and phrases.

A = articles/adjectives – use the right one- a/an/the- be colourful and use descriptive (strong) adjectives like ostentatious (instead of showy) or cranky (instead of tired).

P = punctuation/prepositions, patterns ( verbs ), phrasal verbs and phrases.

T = tenses used in a correct manner.

S = spelling and syntax