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Why learn?

Business English is becoming more and more popular among all the companies in the world and in some cases it’s mandatory to speak at a high level of Business English.

1) Bad Business English = missed business opportunities.

2) Many Human Resource experts have repeatedly shown that employees who are offered in-house training are often more loyal to their companies as ‘they’ feel more valued.

Kill two birds with one stone – stay safe at home and learn Business English!


Because of the pandemic, individual online-only private lessons have gained immense popularity. They cost between 30 and 50 leva per hour for 7th to 12th graders.”

We charge between 30 and 40 leva per hour.

You can learn online or participate in seminars/ webinars.

Want to know your Business English level?

To see your current level in Business English, you can test yourself for free now. Just click the button, fill in the test and at the end of it you’ll get your scores and CERF level.

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