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Online teaching and Business English seminars

If you haven’t created an account yet, you need to create an account at and link it with your bank account. Then you can easily pay for online lessons or Business English seminars with lower transfer fees than a normal bank transfer and have a document for your payment. Just send your payment to the email

Simple. More cost effective and less-time consuming= more productivity in a shorter time. A normal course at a private English institute will cost between 500 and 600 euros for one level ( A2, B1 etc ) without a book. Moreover, if you factor in the travelling time and costs for 20 to 30 visits to and from the language institute one must add an additional 200 euros to the cost. Finally , the language Institute will put you in a group of 6 to 15 students.Forget about one on one teaching at a private language school. It will cost you a small fortune, e.g. 1500 euros in order to complete a book or level. I will charge you 800 euros online in order to complete the full book for each level ( A2, B1, B2, C1 ).

You never lose a lesson with me! Book online via TransferWise for an individual lesson of 1 hour and 30 minute session (220 euros for 10 lessons, 280 euros for 10 lessons of 2-3 people and 380 euros for 10 lessons for groups of 4-6 people). Other online platforms are more expensive and if you cancel less than 6 hrs before, you lose the lesson. The same applies to private institutes (don’t show up – you lose the lesson).

Absolutely! Try a free demo lesson via Zoom. The lesson material is downloaded and shared over Zoom. The visual can even be better than a live classroom. The same is for the audio. If you sit at the back of the classroom you may not even be able to hear or see what a teacher is saying or writing.

If you’re slightly sick or bad weather prevents you from going to a physical private school, no worries. Try online teaching.Much more convenient.

Because you will learn more and more importantly you’ll remember more! Intensive learning is proven to be the most effective way to learn a foreign language.You can also kill two birds with one stone; go on summer holiday, ski , swim, spa or golf and dramatically improve your Business English at the same time.

I believe so. I charge for a two week summer seminar in Sozopol, Bulgaria 1050 euros for 5/ 60 minute teaching hours every day over 14 days. That’s almost 90 hours and similar to what a private institute offers over a 3 to 4 month period. A full CERF level ( A2, B1 or B2) at a private school costs around 600-700 euros over 4 months. In fact, a two week course in London or Cambridge will cost you anywhere from 1600 euros (staying at a youth hostel with other students in the same room ) or 3000 to 4000 euros in Cambridge or Oxford. Don’t believe me. Check out the competition’s pricing. And yes, Sozopol is not Oxford, but I think it’s nicer than Oxford in the summer.

Our private seminars offer two native speakers for groups up until 12 students maximum, or one native speaker for groups up to 6. The extra native speaker teacher will assist the students in the classroom while they‘re learning. Extra attention from native speakers means quicker advancement. Private language schools offer non-native English speakers as teachers, especially in Bulgaria. I know this from personal experience!

Look at our menu with the various seminar options and choose one that suits you. Next, take my free placement test online and sign up for your free demo lesson. Once your level is determined, pay the 150 euro deposit via TransferWise. Once a group of 6 students with the same level is formed, pay the remaining amount 35 days before the start of the seminar.Pretty simple. ALL SEMINARS ARE OPEN TO 14 YEARS OF AGE UNTIL 60.

I will give out a certificate of participation. Is it certified? No. Is it worth anything ? No, but neither is a private language school’s certificate really worth anything. It’s true! Having a certificate from any private language school will not get you a job. Learning how to speak Business English from a native American speaker, former investment banker and Cambridge-certified English teacher will prepare you for an interview, teach you what and when to speak properly in many different business environments and help you get the certificates that really count – the Cambridge Business certificates (BEC). Advanced CAMBRIDGE business certificates are accepted by the top companies and universities in the world.That is the only certificate that matters!

Have a look at my credentials (see menu).

Great question. True story. I have a current student, German, 21 years of age, who is working at Deloitte consultants. I asked her why her English is so good. She replied, “my parents sent me from the age of 11 years old to a Business English speaking class”. Business English is becoming more and more popular among German and French companies and in some cases it’s mandatory to speak a high level of Business English in order to work in a German or French company. Finally, I am a Business English specialist with over 2000 hours of Business English teaching experience (click on why me).

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