Ski, Spa and Speak

Kill two birds with one stone – have a great ski holiday and
improve your Business English communication skills.

Kill two birds with one stone – have a great ski holiday and improve your Business English communication skills!

Winter Business English Seminars

Improve your skiing skills and learn to speak like a native English business person. Want to have fun by improving your English – speaking presentation skills and at the same time have a fun-filled ski holiday.

Well it’s possible, enroll in our 7 day ski, spa and speak Business English seminar with a small group of students (maximum 10) and ski with your own instructor for half the day. Afterwards enjoy the sights and sounds of the Borovets ski resort, all the while dramatically improving your Business English with morning and evening sessions.

Improve your Business English

improve your Business English

Learning Business English for 7 days:

  • will improve your English grammar,
  • improve you presentation skills
    (written and speech skills) and
  • your ability to speak like a native speaker with key business English phrases.

You will be taught and monitored on a continual basis by two experienced English native speakers (American and British).

During the 7 day course there will be frequent diagnostic checks with each student so they will know exactly where they stand and what is needed to be done in order for each student to get to the next level in English (certificate preparation is optional).

Terms and conditions


Winter Business English seminars with skiing

Winter Business English seminars with skiing 2021: 1250 euros (no VAT)

1st payment – 150 Euro per person – 60 days before the start of the seminar.

2nd payment – 35 days before the start of the seminar, the full remaining amount must be paid in full

Time period A, B, C) – January-March 2021

What’s included: 7 days teaching (5 hrs a day; 2.5 hrs in the morning and
2.5 hrs in the evening), all books and materials, coffee, tea, juice and croissants, welcome dinner, and five half-day ski passes with private instructor (groups of three) for each day of skiing.

Not included: hotel accommodation, all meals, VAT (if invoice required), ski equipment and transport to and from the teaching venue (hotel Samakov in Borovets).

A booking is possible if made by a client online and paid for via bank transfer (bank details will be sent by email) or via TransferWise to

For more information see Terms and conditions, or check FAQ.

Why me? - Experience!

First and foremost I love teaching! What a privilege to share knowledge and watch students grow intellectually.

I’ve been teaching Business English across all levels for over 4 years, with 3000 teaching hours devoted only to Business English. I have taught over 150 different students in the classroom as well as online.I am a Cambridge-certified teacher with advance university degrees in business administration and political economy.

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