Terms and Conditions

Please read carefully our Terms and Conditions

By booking a seminar or an online lesson with Ptolemy Ltd. or Mr. Papailiou online, you are deemed to have accepted these booking conditions which constitutes the entire agreement between you and Ptolemy Ltd. or Mr. Papailiou, and your booking will only be accepted by us on this basis.

The following conditions are valid for seminars and services, operated through the website and brand name of Three Seas Business English seminars.

Compliance and teaching materials

We believe we are in full compliance with fair use of our teaching materials. Each and every student is either provided with a physical version of the instructional book ( seminars ), bought and not copied or is required to purchase the e-book version directly from the publisher when being taught online. Moreover, our virtual classroom mirrors that of a physical classroom, where every student must have their own copy ( book or e-book).

Without a book or e-book, no instruction is permitted. Furthermore, online teaching is strictly monitored and restricted by the use of an entry code.By requiring that each and every online student purchase their own e-book, we are adhering strictly to the fourth point of the ‘fair use ‘ guidelines, namely that the potential market for or value of the copyrighted work is not impaired but actually enhanced.All other shared materials have been ascertained as to not be in disagreement with any copyright laws.

What is fair use and when would I need to rely on it for my online classroom uses?
Fair use allows limited use of copyrighted material without requiring prior permission from the copyright holder. The statute lists four factors to be weighed when analyzing the proposed use in order to determine whether it is a fair one. Consideration of all factors is required although not all factors have to be in favor of a use to make it a fair one.

A fair use analysis is necessarily a fact-driven one. Each unique set of facts regarding a proposed use leads to its own reasoned conclusion. Reasonable individuals may come to different decisions concerning the same set of facts, but the operative word is “reasonable”. More fair use at the bottom.

1.Booking process.
A booking is possible if made by a client online and paid for via bank transfer or TransfreWise. In each both case an invoice is issued and sent for payment, which also represents the confirmation of Ptolemy Ltd. or directly to Mr. Papailiou for the services, ordered by our clients. Any special requirements and medical problems should be reported by the client at the time of booking. After the full payment is received a set of documents will be sent over to the client, or provided directly to him on arrival, containing all relevant information if needed (seminar materials and schedule… etc.). Please make sure all details inside are correct and contact us immediately should you notice contain any incorrect or missing information.

2. Payments
All clients are required to pay a non-refundable deposit of 150 Euro per person for their seminar booking to be confirmed (for all seminars) 60 days before the start of the seminar. 35 days before the start of the seminar the full remaining amount must be paid in full- see pricing below. In any case the required deposit will be made clear on your invoice. If full payment is not captured on time we will send you a written reminder and if no payment follows within 5 days, we reserve the right to cancel your reservation. Payment deadlines are always available inside the invoices received by the clients and should be followed strictly. Bank charges should be shared between the client and Ptolemy Ltd. or Mr. Papailiou It happens often that wire transfers made outside Europe use intermediary banks in Europe, which transfer the payment afterwards to us. These intermediary banks charge extra (appr. 20-30 Euros per transfer). All clients should make sure their bank doesn’t use such mediators, otherwise the charges of the latter will also be added to the final bill of the client.

3. Booking alterations
Changes of the published prices by Ptolemy Ltd. or Mr. Papailiou before your booking confirmation shall not be treated as improper from our side. Although we do our best to maintain up to date rates throughout our website unfavourable changes in exchange rates, local operators’ costs, transportation costs and taxes may occur, which will affect the final price. In such cases we will cover any increase up to 3% of the published price, but the client will be responsible to cover the balance and will be notified about the changes as soon as they become known to Ptolemy Ltd. or Mr. Papailiou. If the increase is more than 10% the client can cancel the reservation within 10 days of the notification and the deposit will be fully refunded. If a full payment is received by that time however no surcharges will be paid by the client.

If a client wants to do changes in the tour program it is necessary that these are advised as early as possible. Although we will make efforts to satisfy those changes we do not guarantee that we will be able to meet such requests. Tours and services with mixed-up starting dates due to clients’ fault may not always be handled if the mistake is noted less than 5 days before the starting date of the services. Administrative taxes of 45 Euros up to 100% of the seminar package price will be applied in such cases.

4. Cancellations by the client & no-show
All cancellations should be made to Ptolemy Ltd. or Mr. Papailiou on our corporate email: nikosw3168@icloud.com.

The following cancellation charges (as a percentage of the total cost, but not less than the deposit) apply for cancellations made by clients for services in Bulgaria, invoiced to Ptolemy Ltd. by bank transfer or payed via TransferWise: > 29-15 days -50%; 14-9 days -70%; 8 days or less -100%; A 100% cancellation charge will be applied to all cancellations/no-shows received later than 48 hrs before the beginning of the seminar. The same rule applies if a client decides to leave the seminar before its end. We will issue all required documents, verifying the cancellation, which you can use for your insurance company. In case the payment is made by payment card, reimbursements are going to be made via refund to TransferWise for payment within 30 days.

5. Cancellations by Ptolemy Ltd.
In the unlikely event that Ptolemy Ltd. or Mr. Papailiou needs to change significantly or cancel a certain reservations, the client will be given the choice to:

1) accept the changed arrangements;

2) book an alternative seminar ( 100% credit ) from Ptolemy Ltd. or Mr. Papailiou (if a cheaper/ more expensive seminar is chosen the price difference will be refunded to the client; if it is a more expensive one, the difference should be paid extra by the client);

3) cancel or accept cancellations by Ptolemy Ltd. (full refund will be obtained). Ptolemy Ltd. or Mr. Papailiou Is not responsible for any incidental expenses that a client may has incurred as a result of their seminar booking such as visas, accommodations, insurance ,vaccinations or non-refundable flights, ground transport, and meals.

6. Force-majeure
Ptolemy Ltd. or Mr. Papailiou shall not be held liable in cases of “force majeure” circumstances, herewith described as events which we or our subcontractors cannot predict or avoid, such as: terrorist activity, strike, war or threat of war, riot, civil strike, natural or nuclear disaster, adverse weather conditions, plague ,fire, road accidents, traffic jams, vehicle breakdown etc. Ptolemy Ltd. or Mr. Papailiou will act and do whatever is possible to the best of its abilities in order to minimise the impact on the clients’ seminar experience in such cases. Claims for missed flights, and other unsuccessful travel arrangements will not be acknowledged. The only exception to this rule is a (40%) refund for cancellations made up to 48 hrs before the seminar starting date will be applied to unfavourable, major health circumstances, provided that a certified doctor’s certificate is provided and accepted by Ptolemy Ltd. or Mr. Papailiou. If the payment for such tours is done by bank transfer, all bank charges during the bank refund process will be instructed at the customers’s expense.

7. Handling of complaints
Please make sure to include with full details of the case mentioned and the reason for customer dissatisfaction in the written feedback questionnaire so that we can take proper measures in order to have this problem resolved as soon as possible. Any complaints brought to our attention during or after the end of the seminar will be regarded but we regret in advance that no efforts could really be made at this later stage which would have made your seminar more enjoyable.

8. Texts and prices accuracy
We endeavour to present the information in our websites and brochures as accurate as possible but some errors may occur during the time of publishing or meant amendments afterwards. We kindly ask you to make sure that the information and price at the time of booking is correct, as well as the information published later on in your invoice. Any invoices requested and issued by Ptolemi Ltd. will include an additional 20% Vat surcharge.

9. Photos and testimonials
Images taken during our holidays may be used by Ptolemy Ltd. or Mr. Papailiou without charge in all media for marketing or advertising purposes (i.e. websites, brochures, slideshows etc.). Written feedback and images sent to the company by clients are also subject of the same conditions and can be used without special permission by their authors.

10. Travel insurance, health and immigration
Please note that no travel insurance, hotel bookings and travel arrangements are included in our packages- we are not a regulated travel agency – and we suggest that at the time of booking all clients consider purchasing an insurance policy of their choice. Clients are also fully responsible for all visa, passport, immigration, quarantine, customs, health and other requirements of the countries visited or transmitted. Valid passport must be carried by each person. We are not responsible if a client fails to ensure that they comply with these requirements.

11. Privacy Policy
We are aware that you may have concerns over disclosing information about yourself to us. This privacy policy explains, amongst other things, what information we collect about you on this website and the reasons for this. Our primary aim in collecting personal information is to provide you with a customised experience on our website – aiming to show you information that is relevant to you. We also collect information for statistical purposes and to offer you future products and services that may be of interest to you.

Information we collect:
Log file information, including IP addresses. You can visit public areas of the site without identifying yourself or providing any personal information

Tracking IP addresses (the computer’s internet address):
Monitoring how long a user spends on the site and which pages he/she visits – this helps us evaluate the use of different parts of the website. As a rule, we don’t link IP addresses to anything that can identify you personally, ensuring you can remain anonymous. Nevertheless, we will attempt to use IP addresses to identify a user when we feel it is necessary to protect our services and other users.

Personal data:
Any personal data relating to you gathered by us in the registration process or during your use of the service will be recorded and only be used in accordance with our Data Protection Policy. The website uses various order and registration forms to enable you to request information, products and services. When you register for the secure sections of our website you will need to provide us with information such as your name, date of birth, e-mail address and password. Any personal data we collect during registration is designed to allow us to personalise the site for you and give you access the right kinds of information. If you register, request further information or contact us we may keep a record of that correspondence and incorporate the information it contains into our database(s).

Internet security:
The webserver that hosts this site is not used to store personal information of any kind. Any personal information that you do provide is stored on a separate and secure database server. There is no direct link between this database server and the internet and access is strictly limited. We do not directly track or record your usage of this website. This privacy policy may not apply to you if we believe you
are misusing the website or if we are required to disclose information by a court of law or other relevant body.

The four fair use factors are as follows:

  1. The purpose and character of the use, including whether the use is of a commercial nature or is for nonprofit educational purposes;
  2. The nature of the copyrighted work;
  3. The amount and substantiality of the portion used in relation to the copyrighted work as a whole; and
  4. The effect of the use upon the potential market for or value of the copyrighted work.

Generally, to perform or display a work in your online class the work must be
• used under your supervision
• as part of the class session
• as part of systematic mediated instructional activities
• directly and materially related to the teaching content
• The work must be lawfully made and not excerpted from a product that was specifically designed and marketed for use in an online course.

Furthermore, there are three additional requirements:
• • You must password protect or otherwise restrict access to your online class Web site to enrolled students, and
• • You must reasonably prevent your students from being able to save or print the work, i.e., control the “downstream” uses, and
• • You must include a general copyright warning on your class Web site.

Third party sites:
Please be aware that some of the websites to which we provide links may collect personally identifiable information about you. We do not control these sites and are not responsible for the content or practices of third party websites. This privacy policy does not cover such sites.

All children from the age of 14 years old until their 18th birthday (confirmed upon presentation of their age from their national identity card) must be accompanied to and from the teaching venue – no exceptions – Ptolemy Ltd. or Mr. Papailiou cannot be held legally responsible for any breach of this most important issue.

All personal belongings of the students are their own responsibility during and after the seminar and by no legal means can Ptolemy Ltd. or Mr. Papailiou be held responsible for any loss of personal property during the seminar.

Pricing 2020/2021:
Please be aware that our primary purpose is to provide the most competent and attentive educational instruction. We are not tour agents or golf and skiing experts. First and foremost, we are dedicated teaching professionals who are focused on dramatically improving your Business English in a short time. If while we’re teaching you, we get to know you better from skiing, golfing and swimming- so be it!

Summer seminars in Sozopol 2020: 1050 euros (no VAT):

Time period A) – July 5th- July 19th
Time period B)- August 2nd- August 16th
Time period C)- August 23rd- September 6th

Included 14 days teaching ( 5hrs a day ; 2.5 hrs in the morning and 2.5 hrs in the evening), all books and materials, coffee, tea, juice and croissants, welcome dinner, farewell lunch or dinner , one pass for a half day water park excursion (by taxi).
Not included: hotel accommodation, all meals, VAT ( if invoice required) and transport to and from the teaching venue in Sozopol.

Venue: Paradise View apartment hotel ***, 100 Via Pontika, Sozopol
View full information here

Golfing seminar 2020: 1650 euros (no VAT):

Time period A) – September 6th- September 13th

Included: 7 days teaching ( 5 hrs a day ; 2.5 hrs in the morning and 2.5 hrs in the evening), all books and materials, coffee, tea, juice and croissants, welcome dinner, and five rounds of golf with a certified PGA assistant professional.
Not included: hotel accommodation, all meals, VAT (if invoice required), golfing equipment and transport to and from the teaching venue (Lighthouse Golf and Spa Hotel, Balchik).

Venue: Lighthouse Golf and Spa Hotel

View full information here

Skiing seminars 2021: 1250 euros (no VAT)

Time period A, B, C) – January-March 2021

What’s included: 7 days teaching ( 5 hrs a day 2.5 hrs in the morning and 2.5 hrs in the evening), all books and materials, coffee, tea, juice and croissants, welcome dinner, and five half-day ski passes with private instructor (groups of three) for each day of skiing.
Not included: hotel accommodation, all meals, VAT ( if invoice required), ski equipment and transport to and from the teaching venue ( hotel Samakov in Borovets).

Venue: Hotel Samokov, Borovets, Bulgaria
View full information here

Fly us to you: Bring us to your company offsite and let us improve your Business English and Golf handicap. Weekend or Weeklong seminars specifically designed to improve your English communicative skills and soft skills ( negotiating, project-managing and presenting).